Cy-Fair Parents Care

Cy-Fair Parents Care started in October 2012.  You can read more about the start of it at the “About” page.

We are currently reviewing curriculum to recommend to the SHAC (Student Health Advisory Council) for C.F.I.S.D.  We have a petition you can sign. We have been working with legislators to end agenda driven sex ed curriculum that lines the pockets of abortion providers and their affiliates.

We are for sex ed just not Comprehensive Sex Ed (CSE)! We are for providing students every opportunity to succeed with adult mentors, strong, proven curriculum, active, informed parents and a community that pursues goals, dreams and excellence.  We encourage every parent to thoroughly review any and all curriculum – never take anything at face value until you have personally reviewed its content.  That is lesson we have definitely learned.

Texas Legislators are working hard to protect our children, too. Please look up SB521 authored by Senator Paxton and HB1057 authored by Representative Leach. Please contact your legislators to support these important bills that would effectively eliminate Planned Parenthood and their agenda from our schools by prohibiting them from teaching, writing and funding specific curriculum and it also will require parental notification for anyone teaching sex ed from an outside group.  Further posts will give step by step what to do to find out if your school is having a CSE and what you can do about it!

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