Comprehensive Sex Ed

A Comprehensive Sex Education (CSE) program TYPICALLY:

• Teaches that sex is natural and healthy and how to make responsible decisions about sexuality
• Teaches that abstinence is the only 100 percent effective form of birth control
• Explains medical details of STDs and HIV
• Provides information about the health benefits and side effects of all contraceptive methods as a means to prevent pregnancy and reduce the risk of contracting STDs or HIV/AIDS
• Covers a variety of topics, such as relationships, communication skills, health, and societal expectations
• Includes factual information on abortion, sexual orientation, and sexually transmitted diseases without promoting religion

Sounds good, right?? What this doesn’t tell you is that with the support of SIECUS, Planned Parenthood and Advocates for Youth they have an agenda to promote sexuality to children as young as KINDERGARTEN and wants children to know about masturbation (even for 5-year-olds), anal, oral and vaginal sex.  CSE’s promote heterosexuality, homosexuality, self-pleasuring, age of consent and way more than they let on. CSE statements on abstinence many times are minimal and cursory at best. In regards to STDs, HIV and Contraceptives, CSE’s minimize the impact and havoc they can wreak. CSE’s also push a liberal agenda on relationships, health and social issues including abortion, birth control, condom use, sexual orientation and promiscuity, Cy-Fair Parents Care is for a human reproduction unit that teaches human reproduction, scientifically appropriate terms, teaching all the risks of premarital sex and contraception, sexually transmitted disease and HIV/AIDS.  Many CSE’s omit important and necessary medical information along with the TRUE risks and failure rates.  Future posts will evidence these statements.

See for yourself the content and concerns of a CSE called “It’s Your Game” created by University of Texas Prevention Research Center and endorsed and supported by Planned Parenthood:

CSE information from

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